Last Saturday: Mangum Food Truck Park

Angie's Cake Truck at Mangum Food Park Houston   Angie's Cake Magnets

Angie's Cakes   People eating at Mangum Food Park

Cupcake and a Smile Truck at Mangum Food Park Houston   Phojita Houston Food Truck


4 thoughts on “Last Saturday: Mangum Food Truck Park

    • Hehe, I get you! The food truck movement is catching up really well around here. When I first came here the idea of eating out of a food truck was not appealing to me. But then I still do not like to eat at the shady side-of-the-road kind of truck. But there are these trendy trucks, some of them are owned by chefs that are formally trained and make amazing food. And there is lots of variety. This was the first time for Mangum park so there weren’t too many trucks.

      Thank you for the visit and for your comments!

      • We have a food truck here in Prescott that is set up in a permanent area in the back of an old Victorian and they are only open for lunch and on Friday nights. They have a rotating menu with different tasty food each week and the setting is just lovely, it takes the concept up a few notches. It’s one of my favorite places to go for a bite!

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