Weekly Photo Challenge: Window (to the past)

Spring flowers in  vase on the window

I never thought I’d use this photo for anything, although it has such a sentimental value for me. But now I think it’s the perfect photo for this theme. Wild spring flowers from the countryside on the window of the small old apartment in Romania. Takes me back in time…

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Short hiatus, Art, and Beginnings

Shadow (painting)

(Art and photo Copyright © Time Collage)

As I have taken this hiatus from blogging, I feel like I need to make up for all the cool stuff I lost with something that explains it. I have had flu two times in a month, and adding that to the holidays, and my daily activities, I have not been able to focus on my blog so much. But I missed all the people I have come to know through this blog and all the cool stuff they share.

I wish I hadn’t missed the Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginnings, because for me this blog itself represented a new beginning. The reasons and implications are numerous and I do not intend to explain why here and now, but suffice to say that it offered me a great new perspective on things. So I am glad to be back.

I have not made this known so far on this blog because I wanted to focus on photography and not my art, but I am also a mixed media artist. My intent was never to connect my art with my photos on this blog, but… this time I changed my mind. So, here it is to new beginnings, and to what else I have been doing besides blogging. The above photo is one of my recent paintings, called Shadow.