This blog was inspired by the movie Love Collage. Memories will last forever if you capture them through photos. Sometimes I try to take the best shots, but I also take photos based on the way the subject makes me feel at the moment. If I lose that moment, the emotion is lost and it does not come through the photo.

I named this blog Time Collage because I wanted it to have “Collage” in the title and also because Life Collage was not available. But I thought “time” is just as good if not even better than “life,” because it expresses what I want: a collage of all the different moments in time and of time.


PS My camera has some dirt inside that I haven’t cleaned up yet. Sometimes it might show up as dark spots. Imagine they are birds.

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    • I’ve got a Nikon camera too. It occurred to me once to take it to the shop, but that was a long time ago. I probably should do it sooner or later. Thank you for the idea and for the visit 😀

      • Luckily I have a Nikon repair service in Cologne. A sensor cleaning is well worth the money. The new Nikons all have automatic cleanings for the sensors but I’m not sure how good they are – my old D200 doens’t and there’s no way I can do it – I spend too much time on the beach. close to the water, to avoid those spots.

      • Oh, that sounds really convenient, a self-cleaning sensor! I will think about it, I did see a difference lately in the clarity of my photos. I was wondering what it was and that might just be the answer, I never got it cleaned, and I’ve had it for a few years now.

      • I too shoot with Nikon. It is very easy to clean the sensor yourself if you are careful. Its in the instruction manual and also online depending on your model. Always makes me nervous but haven’t had a problem yet.

      • Hmm, my instructions were all in Dutch, since we bought the camera in Holland. But that’s just a fun fact 😀 Obviously I will look up the instructions online, thank you so much for the tip! Also thank you for your visit and comments!

      • Funny story. Our photo club had a professional in for a shoot and critique. One of the members’ photos had a dark spot in the sky so he advised her to clean her sensor. In that case, it really WAS a bird! Everyone cracked up on that one 🙂

    • I have had so many moments when I regretted not having a camera or not taking that shot, and I still don’t always take it with me. I mean really, when I go for groceries, it would be kind of ridiculous to take it. And yet there it is, an amazing sunset with beautiful light … that I’ll never see again. So I try to get better at it 😀

      I am glad your are following my adventure, thank you so much!

  1. It’s very easy to clean your own sensor. Just look online for instructions – I’ve done my own several times. Last week we had a professional photographer come in to do a class, a shoot and then a critique. He recommended to one of the students after seeing her photo that she clean her sensor because of a large dust spot. Everyone in the class laughed out loud as we all saw that it actually WAS a bird LOL!

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