Sibiu, Romania

Saxon Houses in Sibiu, Romania


Looking up in San Antonio (2011)

San Antonio Alley between tall buildings

San Antonio Buildings against the sky with Light Pole   San Antonio Sign against sky and buildings

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Put America Back to Work, Balloon Man and Back in Five

Anti-Obama people with Obama Nazi mustache and Put America Back to Work propaganda

Kids buying figure balloons from a man with a big balloon hat

An air filed glove on the window sill on which it's written "Back In"


Seattle Public Market Center II

Rotary Grocery Sign and People at the Seattle Public Market Center Samish Bay Cheese Organic Sign at the Seattle Public Market Center


Seattle Public Market Center

Fish Lady in Seattle Central Market   Seattle Central Market Vegetables for Sale

Glass DEcorations for Sale in the SEattle Central Market


Tawil’s, Marriott and Casa Rio Restaurant


Casa Rio Restaurant in Sa


Young Army Men Crossing the Street in San Antonio