Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure (Earth, Water, Air)

Pedernales Falls in Texas

My take on this week’s challenge is a photo from Pedernales Falls, showing water, earth and sky coming together. I think we should treasure nature because it makes our existence possible.

For this week’s Photo Challenge: Treasure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window (to the past)

Spring flowers in  vase on the window

I never thought I’d use this photo for anything, although it has such a sentimental value for me. But now I think it’s the perfect photo for this theme. Wild spring flowers from the countryside on the window of the small old apartment in Romania. Takes me back in time…

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie 1

Sibiu street at night

Piata Mare in Sibiu at Night   Sibiu alley at night

When I first saw the name of this week’s challenge I was sure I had nothing this time. Not having read the description of the challenge, I was thinking it must be a Halloween kind of eerie. But I still decided to go through my photos and see if I could come up with something. And not only did I find a few photos, but I’m afraid I might have found a few too many. Not all of them are truly eerie, but then eerie is a rare subject, so we make do with what we have got.

These photos were taken in Sibiu, Romania, in 2009. The city was silent after a cold rain, and we were going home after one too many cocktails. These photos are not all that much to brag about, they are just special to me, and they are very moody. I did not make them black and white, because the mood is lost if I let go of that yellow that most of the times is so unpleasant, but this time it’s the most important aspect in conveying this week’s theme, I say.

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie